Welcome to Foothill Ranch and Orange County's best children’s dentist Dr. Nasem. Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry is a warm, comforting, kid-friendly environment for kids and their parents alike to love the dentist.
Our Office Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry is a kid-friendly designed office but also keeping the parents in mind. The office is equipped with the safest, most up to date equipment and materials to make sure we are treating each child with the highest of safety and quality standards. Our office features: ● Mercury-free materials ● Low radiation/ digital radiographs (xrays) ● BPA-free white filling and crown options ● Kid-friendly entertainment with our own treehouse kids area, iPad bar and a TV above every chair ● Latex-free office ● Gluten-free, dye free options for sensitive children ● Beverage bar and charging station for parents
Dr. Nasem Dr. Nasem M Dunlop is a native Midwesterner but has chosen to make sunny California her and her family's home. She specializes in children, young adults, and individuals with special needs. Dr. Nasem truly believes that your child deserves the best-personalized care and attentiveness at each visit. As a mother of two herself, she truly cares for every child as her own and knows how important your child's health is to you
Education Dr. Nasem's education started at Indiana University, where she was a dual major gaining a bachelor of science in Biology and a bachelor of science in Psychology. She then went to Boston, Massachusetts to study at Tufts University School of Dentistry. Graduating top of her dental class, she was accepted at the University of Southern California Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry for her residency in pediatric dentistry. She graduated from residency earning the Hugh M. Kopel resident of the year award. Dr. Nasem received the highest achievement possible in pediatric dentistry, she is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist.
Experiences Dr. Nasem has been practicing in South Orange County for over 8 years. During her residency, she was placed at Children's Hospital Orange County (CHOC) to gain her special knowledge of special needs children and hospital dentistry. She cherishes this special training and continues to work at CHOC allowing her to treat children in their operating room facilities. She has stayed with USC as faculty and now as the resident director of Orange County to help shape the pediatric dentists of the future.
Certifications and Affiliations ● Dr. Nasem is Board Certified Pediatric Dentist ● Dr. Nasem is a member of the following associations: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), California Society of Pediatric Dentistry (CSPD), California Dental Association (CDA), California Society of Pediatric Dentistry (CSPD), Orange County Dental Society (OCDS) and American Dental Association (ADA) ● Dr. Nasem is on staff at Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)
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first visit Hello! We're excited to meet you and so thrilled you’ve chosen us to care for your family’s health! Here are some facts and tips about your first visit: ● The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends seeing a dentist by your child's FIRST birthday to ensure a happy, healthy dental future and we agree ● We offer free infant exams for children under 24 months old ● Each child is uniquely different thus each first exam will be uniquely different to cater to you and your child's needs and expectations. Dr. Nasem will help assure your child is comfortable and has a great first dental experience ● A dental exam to check for cavities and also growth patterns of teeth, a gentle cleaning (sometimes with just a toothbrush if your child is fearful) and a fluoride application, if you wish, will be completed ● Dental radiographs or "xrays" are typically started on children at 3 years of age but are always assessed based on each child's needs
Services Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry and Dr. Nasem provide comprehensive infant, child, adolescent and special needs dentistry. Dr. Nasem uses multiple safe and effective behavior modification techniques to ensure your child has the best dental experience. Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry offers industry-leading standards and state of the art equipment to stay with the growing advances in pediatric dental care. Some of the services offered:
● Dental Cleanings ● Fluoride Treatments ● Digital, low radiation X-rays ● Sealants ● Tooth-colored fillings and crowns ● Sedation such as nitrous oxide/oxygen inhalation (“laughing gas”)
● Root canals ● Extractions ● Space Maintainers ● In-office or in hospital general anesthesia sedation ● Emergency Care ● Dental Trauma Care
Sprouting Healthy Teeth
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0-3-Year-Old Sprouts
4-6-Year-Old Sprigs
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Diet and Nutrition
Sedation Dentistry
Oral Hygiene
emergencies If your child has suffered a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately or proceed to the nearest emergency room. If your child has sustained a blow to the head causing dental trauma and has loss of consciousness, please call 911 immediately or proceed to the nearest emergency room for possible concussion treatment and/ or monitoring. If your child has suffered a dental emergency, please call our office immediately for dental help. We are always available to help. Read below for tips on dental trauma and emergencies:
Cut lip, tongue or cheek ● Apply a cold compress to the sites that are bleeding ● Check inside their mouth for any loose teeth ● Give Children’s Tylenol or Motrin as needed for pain and inflammation ● Call our office to make an appointment
Broken Tooth ● Apply a cold compress to the area ● Find any pieces of the tooth if possible ● Give Children’s Tylenol or Motrin as needed for pain and inflammation ● Call our office to make an appointment
Toothaches ● Be sure there is no food debris in between the teeth or caught in the gums by flossing and brushing the area well ● Give Children’s Motrin as needed for pain ● Do not use over the counter gels or creams for tooth pain as these are not safe for children ● If the pain does not subside or gets worse over a 24 hour period, please call our office for an appointment ● If the pain is continuous or is keeping your child up at night, please call our office for an appointment
Knocked out tooth ● Baby tooth: We cannot put the tooth back in the mouth as it will damage the developing adult tooth forming in the bone- find the tooth and get it ready for the tooth fairy! Rinse your child’s mouth gently and place a cold compress on the area To help control bleeding, the child can bite down on a cool wet washcloth Give Children’s Tylenol or Motrin for pain and inflammation Call our office to make a follow-up appointment ● Permanent/ Adult tooth: THIS IS A TRUE DENTAL EMERGENCY! Call our office immediately- this emergency is extremely time sensitive so please come to the office and/or call as soon as possible. Place the tooth in milk NOT water Try not to touch the root of the tooth or try cleaning it off at home if it is dirty If the emergency occurs at school, ask the nurse or athletic trainer for Sav-A-Tooth Solution as this will keep the tooth vital longer
Facial Swelling ● For any facial or cheek swelling, please call our office immediately ● If the swelling is increasing rapidly and/or the swelling is encroaching your child’s eye or is causing trouble breathing, call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room. This is a medical emergency.
Phone: 949.668.0686
Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry is conveniently located off the 241 highway at the Portola exit. We are near Regal Cinema and Target in the Foothill Medical Center.